The Audubon Community School District encourages high school students to be active members in the community and help others in need by volunteering their time. Our school district participates in The Silver Cord Volunteer Service Program. This has been a 2 year program, but we are working on making this a 4 year program in the coming year. Students may click on their graduating class year for more information on their requirements.

High school students can be recognized and rewarded for their volunteer time. Students that participate and complete the minimum requirements are rewarded a certificate and silver cord to wear at their commencement ceremony.


Volunteer Opportunities are Difficult to Find!

If you, or someone you know, has a project or job that needs helping hands, please contact Emily Nelson, District Secretary and Program Coordinator


Ph: 712-563-2607

Examples of Acceptable Services

> Volunteering with Community Service Organizations
> Assisting elderly with everyday chores

> Volunteering in church events

> Helping improve buildings and grounds

> Coaching younger children sports and activities (basketball, 4-H, softball, volleyball, etc.)

> Tutoring other students

> Volunteer cleaning up of the city

> Serving as a counselor for camp

> Fun runs, bouncy house workers, etc.

> Volunteering at nursing home, shelter, or care facility

> Relay for Life, Cancer Telethon, Blood Drive

> Boy/Girl Scouts community services

> Volunteering for school sponsored activities; track, musical events, etc.

> Teaching Sunday School classes

Examples of Unacceptable Services

> Household chores for relatives

> Attending church or Sunday School

> Babysitting for siblings, relatives, or friends

> Doing an extra credit project

> Participating in extracurricular activities (marching band, school play, volleyball, etc.)

> Court ordered community service

> Selling/delivering of fundraiser items

If you have questions about the program or need clarification on a service, please contact Emily Nelson (contact information is listed above).