Courtney Walter

I am Courtney Walter, the 7-12 School Counselor in the Audubon MS-HS building. I grew up thinking the Wheelers had a funny mascot, and now I’m proud to be one! I grew up on a farm around Ogden, IA. I made my first move south to Indianola to attend Simpson College after high school. After living and working at a church camp during my college summers, I met my husband and made another move south to an acreage in Garden Grove, IA. While completing my Master’s degree at Drake University, I worked with students and adults with intellectual disabilities to develop job skills and gain competitive employment. I graduated from Drake with a Master’s in School and Rehabilitation Counseling in December 2012.

Jason and I moved back north to Audubon county in 2012. He is better known as Mr. Walter – the Industrial Tech teacher at AHS. We have three sons, Tyson, Titus, Tucker and two daughters, Tait and TJ, and LOVE spending time with them. I also enjoy walking, swimming, playing the piano, reading, baking, and watching Hawkeye football. I would love to get to know you and your family.

The Audubon School Counseling program is a comprehensive program designed to meet the academic, career and social-emotional needs of all students. I look forward to sharing resources for each of these areas with all students and families! When I find the time, I also try to share tips and information on our Facebook page. Like it to learn more – Audubon School Counseling

Mrs. Walter



When utilizing guidance and counseling services, there are strict guidelines concerning confidentiality. The only individuals who will have access to information shared by a student, will be those individuals specifically granted permission from the student themselves.

Professional counselors are bound by the Code of Ethics of the American Counseling Association. The following are the only exceptions under which individuals, other than those specifically granted permission, would have access to any pertinent information:

1. Safety: In situations where there is danger to the student or others, the appropriate measures must be taken to prevent the possibility of injury. This may include disclosure of specific information that would be relevant to the situation.

2. Consultation: In situations where input is needed from other qualified professionals, specific and relevant information may be disclosed to such.

At all times, great care will be taken to insure each student’s confidentiality.