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Changes to Drop-off & Pick-up Zones

Patrons of Audubon Elementary,

 We are going to do something different this year in hopes of increasing safety and better traffic flow at drop-off and pick-up times during the school year.

On the west side of the elementary, Tracy Street, the flow-through area will be for parent drop-off and pick-up only.  Busses will not use this side of the building unless it is during the day for a field-trip.  This zone is a flow-through area.  Please do not park on the west side flow-through area and attempt to walk your child into the building.  You will need to use the north side of the building or other areas around the elementary if you wish to walk your child into the building. 

*Please ensure that your child always exits your car on the curb-side of the street and never into the flow of traffic.

The east side of the elementary, Leroy Street, will be the drop off/pick-up area for busses only. Parents are not to use the east side for drop-off or picking up students.  This will be a no parking zone during school hours.

* Never pass a bus with flashing lights. 

The north side of the elementary, South Street, will become all diagonal parking for staff and visitors.  This area will be repainted for diagonal parking.  

We understand there may be some adjustment to the new flow, but as always, be cautious and drive safely for the sake of all children.

Thank you for your help and cooperation.


Sam Graeve
Elementary Principal
Audubon Community Schools


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