Drivers Education Classes are offered through Deluxe Driving Academy.
They offer classes throughout the year in Carroll and Atlantic that are available for our students.

Audubon **2024 Classes - April 29 - May 10 from 6:00pm-9:00pm**
*a minimum of 15 students are required for Deluxe Driving to hold the class

Click here for class information: 

 Deluxe Driving Academy – Class Information

Registration form

Form needs to be signed by the student & parent, and may be returned to the Audubon High School along with a copy of the student’s learner’s permit (permit copy required with the application).  Student must be 14 years-old with a learner’s permit by April 12.

Permit test: provides free access to a wealth of driver-related resources, including:

– free online permit practice tests based on the actual contents of each State’s Driver Manual

– driver’s training

– frequently asked questions

– latest official Driver’s Manuals

link to the Iowa practice tests:

School Permit: Must live at least 1 mile from the school and have completed driver’s education. 

You will need:  
  1.  Affidavit for School License (print from link below or stop in Superintendent’s office)
  2.  Drivers Education Certificate of Completion from Deluxe Driving (this needs to be returned to the school after you get your permit) 
  3.  FAQ sheets regarding Iowa Minor School License (from the Superintendent’s office or from DOT website.

Please refer to the Iowa DOT Website for more information on Minor School License:

School Permit Requirements

Online form for School Permit Application