PHOTOS - 2017-18 Season

Large Group warming up for State.

Individual Event Competitors at State.
Coach O'Brien, Anna Campbell, Thomas Snyder, Kaitlyn Kroll, Amber Campbell, & Coach Graham

Wild times at Large Group All-State in Ames.

Dennis Jackson plays his ukulele to a large crowd at State.

IHSSA minstrels.  

The sing along begins at State.

Memories in the making at State Large Group.

Grace Christensen always brings a smile!

Speech students dabbing during concessions.

Sophia Sebetka and Amber Campbell getting ready for competition.

Anna Campbell plays a kazoo solo.

Amber Campbell challenges you to join speech!

Amber Campbell walks the stage at Large Group All-State Festival to accept Audubon's awards.

District Individual Events.  Nothing but serious.

Kaitlyn Kroll, Dennis Jackson, & Morgan Lawson relaxing before their events.

Making modified badminton happen since 2018.

Large Group practicing for the Spring Speechtacular at Audubon High School.

Morgan Lawson and Sophia Sebetka rehearsing Choral Reading at Districts.

Morgan Lawson and Kaitlyn Kroll perfect a theatrical argument.

Choral Reading: Kaitlyn Kroll, Morgan Lawson, Jacob Sauers, Sophia Sebetka, and Ashlie Heuss.

Jacob Sauers and Ashlie Heuss create a bridge at Districts.

Practice makes perfect.

Aden Torneten checks the microphone for the Spring Speechtacular.

Landon Frahm going over his lines.

Nick Nieves shows us what most speech practices end up like.

Gwen Jensen, Anna Campbell, and Morgan Lawson exhibiting theatrical excellence.

Thomas Snyder practices his after-dinner speech.

David Webb, Dennis Jackson, and Landon Frahm waiting to buy cookies at a Speech fundraiser.

Girls of Speech.

Coaches Steph Graham and Erin O'Brien powering through another day of getting the kids ready for competition.

Award ceremony for the 2017-18 Speech team.

Individual Events: Anna Campbell, Dennis Jackson, Kaitlyn Kroll, Aden Torneten, Morgan Lawson, Thomas Snyder, and Amber Campbell

Audubon Speech Scholarship Winners:  Thomas Snyder and Amber Campbell.

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