Senior Pictures     
The best time to get senior pictures taken is during the SUMMER.   Having them done in the summer provides plenty of time to set up a nice photo shoot, and provides the photographer with enough time to return the best possible product.  You'll feel better not having to rush or panic over the experience.  Please remember your photographer may need weeks to be able to provide you with your senior photos, so if you want to have them in on time you will need to get them done early enough.

The yearbook uses your senior photo has your school picture in the yearbook.  You can either bring a physical photograph to Room #200 or you can email a digital file of the photograph.  If you bring in a physical photo, we will scan the photo and return it to you.  If you send a digital photo, please send it to Ms. O'Brien, the yearbook advisor at  .   You may even be able to have your photographer email your senior photo to us directly.


  • Vertical
  • In color
  • Have clothing that would be considered school appropriate.
  • Show you from the waist up. The closer to your face the better!
  • NOT include props.
  • NOT include pets.
  • NOT include hats.
Having Trouble Getting Your Senior Photos Taken?
If for some reason you will not be able to get your senior photo taken by the due date, you are not planning on taking any, or you are unable to afford them, please contact Ms. O'Brien, the yearbook advisor at . We will be happy to make arrangements to have one of our staff take your photo for the yearbook.  We do not want anyone to be left out for reasons out of their control.

           BABY PICTURES    

Audubon has a tradition of including baby pictures of the graduating seniors next to their senior photo.  This is a fun way for seniors to see how far they have come and how much they have grown.

Baby pictures can be as young as baby or as old as first grade, it is your choice. Please choose a photo that is of decent print quality and clearly shows the senior’s face.  Naked bathtub photos will NOT be accepted. Please put the senior’s full name on the back of the picture to ensure a timely return. We will scan the photo and then return it.

          SENIOR QUOTE    

 Another wonderful tradition Audubon Seniors enjoy is turning in a senior quote.  The quote must be 20 words or less, school appropriate, and represent the student in a positive light.  The quote should preferably have a documented author and not                                                              just listed as unknown.

**Final decision on photo and quote appropriateness is at the discretion of the student publications adviser and staff.  The staff reserves the right to not publish photos or quotes that do not meet the requirements.
Digital Files: We CAN accept digital files as long as they are at least 4 megapixel, 300 dpi, 2x3 inches or larger and all of the necessary alterations have been made. JPEG or TIF format is required. Files can be emailed to: or brought in via flash drive or CD. Please give this contact information to your photographer.
Digital Pictures: We CANNOT accept prints from a Laser or inkjet computer printer.
School Pictures:  If you choose not to purchase senior pictures from a private photographer you may get your photo taken by Lifetouch, the company that does our school pictures in the fall.

If you have any questions or concerns about these requirements please feel free to contact adviser Erin O'Brien at the school

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