Audubon High School IHSSA (Speech)

Audubon High School has a membership with IHSSA, which stands for Iowa High School Speech Association.  This is an extraordinarily engaging and fun activity where students get to work on their public speaking and theatrical skills!

There are two different competitive seasons for speech:  Large Group and Individual Events.  Students can join one or both of these different seasons and choose from a variety of different performance categories.  Students are allowed to select one to two categories from both the Large Group Events season and the Individual Events season to compete in.  

(2018 Large Group Readers Theatre at All-State proudly showing their medals!)

Large Group Events

Students can decide to join Large Group competitive speech and engage in a variety of different categories including: choral reading, readers theatre, group mime, radio broadcasting, short film, group improv, and musical theatre.  These categories are theatrically based, and students have a blast engaging with other students, working on scripts, practicing, performing during a Spring Speechtacular, and competing at various competitions.

(2018 Large Group Readers Theatre at Districts)

Individual Events
Students also have the option to work on individual selections to take to competition.  Some of these categories include: improv, poetry, literary program, review, spontaneous speaking, original oratory, expository address, after-dinner speaking, solo musical theatre, public address, and storytelling.  Students who join Individual Events have fun selecting material, creating original work, practicing, performing in the Spring Speechtacular, and competing in various competitions.

(2018 Individual Events at Districts)

Audubon Speech is a group that welcomes everyone!

Our goal is to welcome everyone who is interested in being a part of something that will help them grow as individuals, while also representing their school, making new friends, and having an amazing time while doing so.

If you are interested in joining we will be having meetings at the beginning of the school year.  Please check the announcements or contact either IHSSA Coach to let us know you are interested.

Steph Graham ( )
Joni Madsen ( )


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