The Audubon Community School District, in an effort to provide students with opportunities to develop to their fullest potential and to become valuable contributors to society, sponsors the Silver Cord Volunteer Service Program. Any junior and senior from the district is eligible to take part in this program to earn silver cord recognition, by meeting and following the criteria set up by the district to earn this honor. A total of 60 hours must be accumulated in the two-year program

**This is a two year program-there is no set number of hours that can be obtained for each year. The hours can be earned over a two-year time or all in a one year time period. A total of 30 hours must be accumulated to earn recognition for participation in the Silver Cord Program as a junior. 

*All hours must be verified and documented by the district.

* Forms must be completed by student - dated and signed.

*Fundraising is NOT a volunteer activity. 



Link to VERIFICATION form (pdf file)

The verification form must be filled out, signed and submitted by the student AFTER the volunteer hours have been performed. The verification form must be signed by the supervising adult who is in charge of the volunteer activity


*Service hours are encouraged to be pre-approved if they are not on the list below.

*Hours and requests for pre-approved hours are to be submitted into Volunteer Coordinator-Lynn Spies

Link to APPROVAL form (pdf file)
The approval form is for volunteer activities that are not on the approved list of volunteer activities. These are to be submitted prior to performing the volunteer activity.


Only volunteer hours which fall between the specified dates can be accumulated. Any hours accumulated prior to the date will not be counted.

Volunteer hours begin May 1 of sophomore year and ends on May 6 of senior year-Class of 2022. Hours from this two-year time period may be accumulated and turned in at any time as long as it is by deadline date. Volunteer hours may not be accumulated prior to May 10 of sophomore year. A total of 60 hours must be verified and submitted by the deadline to be recognized and award Silver Cord credit.


All are one-time awards.

**Certificate : Recognizing students with any volunteer hours that have been approved, documented and turned in by the April 30, deadline for juniors and seniors.

**Silver Cord and Medallion : Awarded only to seniors who have approved, documented and turned in the required number of hours by the deadline date. Those students will wear a silver cord and be awarded a medallion to show for their achievement at graduation exercises.

All hours must be documented and approved as well as submitted by the deadline each year in order to achieve any of the above awards. Any hours submitted after the deadline will not be recognized until the following year or are too late to be counted for that particular year and/or recognized for graduation.


Acceptable Service Areas

May not exceed a maximum of 20 hours on one volunteer project

* Volunteering with community service organizations

* Reading to the elderly; assisting the elderly with household chores (shoveling, raking, etc.)

* Volunteering for special church projects

* Helping to improve the school buildings and grounds

* Coaching younger children in a sport or other activity

* Tutoring other students before, during or after school

* Working on a community beautification or clean up project, including community properties such as Main Street, parks, etc.

* Assisting/helping with Special Olympics outside of school hours

* Serving as a counselor (non paid) at a camp or special outing

* Assisting at a hospital, shelter, day-care, or nursing home

* Volunteering for special events such as Relay For Life, Cancer Telethon, etc.

* Community service which fulfills requirements for Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts (not to exceed a maximum of 10 hours)

* Volunteer to tutor young children

* Cleaning roadside ditches or other public areas around the community

* Volunteering for school sponsored activities (track meets, music events, blood drives, etc.)

* Volunteering at a youth center

* Teaching Sunday school

* Other service activities as approved by the SILVER CORD COMMITTEE


You may propose your own ideas for volunteer service and submit an approval form. 

Any idea not on the list must be approved by the Silver Cord Review Committee.

Non-acceptable Service Areas

* Doing chores at home or helping family members

* Attending church or Sunday school

* Working on the family farm or within a family business. You must perform the service for someone other than family members.

* Baby sitting for siblings or relatives and friends

* Completing any task for which money is received

* Doing "extra credit" or special "chores" for a teacher at school

* Participating in extra-curricular activities (or doing a project "attached" to an activity, team, club, etc.)

* Court ordered community service

* Selling of or delivery of fund raising items. You may not receive money or other compensation for the task.


Activities Must Meet the Following Requirements

* May not be court ordered.

* May not be minor acts of kindness (holding a door open, etc.)

* May not include working for a PROFIT organization for free.

* May not include working for a political party or campaign.

* May not include service ordered for good conduct violations.

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